GMP Cell Therapeutics

BioStem cell culture team has a broad range of experience that enables us to cater the culture parameters unique to each product cell line. We work closely with each client to develop a culture process and timeline that meets program needs and cGMP/ICH cell banking requirements. BioStem's lab houses two ISO 7 processing rooms specifically designed for cell therapy applications including autologous cell processing and production of Master and Working Cell Banks for biotherapeutics production and ex-vivo gene therapies.

Cell Bank Specifics

  • In-house QC testing for cell line characterization
  • Custom Cell Bank size, typically 100 – 500 vials
  • Control Rate Freezer for automated cryopreservation
  • Controlled/documented liquid nitrogen gas phase storage freezers

GMP Cell Banking / Cell Therapeutic Highlights

  • Suspension / adherent cell bank capabilities
  • Master / working bank options
  • Large scale bioreactor / multitray production
  • Vial / cryobag formats
  • Control Rate Freezer cryopreservation

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